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         Your new FREE auto dealer website consists of 6 personal pages: 

        Home | Directions | Our Inventory | Contact Us | Terms & Policy | Frequently Asked Questions
   (Directions and Contact Us pages. These are premade for you at time of registration)

1) 1st thing is to complete registration at - Remember Dealership Name  is
Your URL  (name you choose)   ex.

2)  Build Your Home page   Site Manager  Site Manager- to build your home page.

 Start with -Upload Logo & Banner 
Step 1 - Click on Site Manager Link.
Step 2 - Upload your logo and Banner by clicking Upload Logo & Banner link.
Step 3 - Click on Build/Update page to edit the respective pages like Home, FAQ etc.
Step 4 - Change the Status from Deactive to Active.
Step 5 - Click Submit button to save your changes.
The pages that are active will be live on your website.

                     A) Upload a logo or a banner have be something that represents you or that captures your niche.
  B) Upload a favorite picture- Let your personality and marketing skills explore ideas   
               C) Upload a video- This video can be home made or taken from Youtube or other video sites. 
          It can be funny, educational, technical or anything that you want it to be just make sure it's not boring.           
Home page.
   Write something that represents your dealership or the autos you sell, be creative but not overly.
(It is important you activate the site so make sure Status shows activate and hit Submit)

3) Build Your Inventory Page    New Listing New Listing - to build your inventory page.

Step 1 - Upload your pictures to have them ready either from your Dealers website.
or take your pictures with your smart phone at
There is two simple ways, Copy and Paste your pictures from your Dealers Website or use your smart phone for immediate upload.
Your password and user ID are the same for mobile

Step 2 - Click on New Listing Link.
Follow the simple instructions adding items & equipment your pictures upload on next page

We recommend no more than 15 cars keeping your site accurate and updated
The pages that are active will be live on your website.